July Meetup Presenter – Viktor Grgic

View recording here

Microservices and teams organization: Why teams should share ownership for microservices and what that means in reality.

The probable reason why you would participate in this event is that there is a lot of hype around microservices. A YouTube search will produce a huge amount of talks on microservices.
In this talk we will touch upon several common beliefs on microservices that are either false dichotomies, misunderstood, or untrue. One of them is the so-called cognitive load of developers or teams. Another one is that dependencies between teams are bad and should be avoided. And obviously widely misunderstood Conway’s Law.

Topics that will be covered with Viktor, but are not limited to;
-Microservice definition
-From monolith to microservices
-Team organization and communication
-Descaling organizational complexity
-Dependency management
-Data relationship management

This will be an interactive session, so please bring your questions.

Viktor is an Agile Coach, software developer and Certified LeSS trainer with 17 years of experience in delivering enterprise systems and Agile adoptions. He worked first 15 years in The Netherlands, and since 2013 in Hong Kong.

He brings Agile adoption and practices on organizational (management & product ownership), team and technical (software development practices and operations) level. In the past years he has coached and trained number of large organizations: Dutch Chamber of Commerce, Municipality of Amsterdam, Bol.com, ProRail, Port of Rotterdam, Sdu Publishers, Cathay Pacific, Thales Hong Kong, Societe Generale Hong Kong and Japan, Natixis Hong Kong, Splunk in Shanghai, Hutchison Ports in Hong Kong, BMW in Germany.

In addition to LeSS, Viktor writes papers, blogs, and gives classes on the subject of IT architecture and Agile.

Blog: http://leanarch.eu
Agile & Lean Architecture and Design course – Hong Kong

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