Are you ready for LeSS? 6 questions to discuss with your organization!

This post is based on a lean coffee held on Feb 8th by the Twin Cities LeSS community. Want to join the conversation? Join our slack channel and attend our meetups!

Questions to Ask:

Our community came up with the following questions to determine if Large Scale Scrum can be used to its fullest potential in your organization.

1) Does your organization have a system optimizing goal; and is it consistent with the emphasized goal in LeSS of ‘adaptiveness in pursuit of high value’?

2) Do you have influence or authority to significantly change the organizational structure in service of the system optimizing goal of LeSS?

3) Are you building a product and willing to design your teams in a product centric manner?

4) Do you have the executive support / buy-in that they will co-own this effort and not rent it?

5) Do you have the trust or can you build the trust to influence the change / Do you have a critical mass of people who will take risk?

6) How mature are your teams with respect to Scrum / Agility? Are you doing Scrum well?

Note: We started this conversation in our lean coffee February meetup with an eye towards a team level assessment. “After observing and assessing a team, how would we decide if LeSS if the best “framework” for them” Throughout the discussion; it became clear these likely need to be addressed organizationally rather than at the team level.

Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) Twin Cities is a free group that allows us to develop techniques and “muscle memory” that characterize a learning organization by sharing experiments and stories; celebrating successes + failures together. Comment below, join our slack channel and attend our meetups to add your voice and experience to the conversation!

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