Welcome to the Twin Cities LeSS Community


Twin Cities LeSS (Large Scale Scrum) offers agile practitioners (and those curious about learning) an open space where they can co-create a learning community. We are focused on learning ways we can live and work guided by the principles + apply useful techniques that enable iterative product development.

LeSS emphasizes the need to create the conditions for a learning organization to emerge. Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) Twin Cities is a free group that allows us to develop techniques and “muscle memory” that characterize a learning organization by sharing experiments and stories; celebrating successes + failures together. We are especially focused on community learning in the areas of:

– Enabling iterative product development with Scrum
– De-scaling and Organizational Design in service of adaptiveness
– Empirical Process Controls
– System Optimization and Organizational Agility
– Reducing Waste
– Lean and Systems Thinking

November Meetup Presenter Announced!

Consuelo Merino is a product owner and Agile practitioner from Paraguay. Join us for the November TC LeSS Meetup to learn about her hands-on experiences using the technique of example mapping with development teams to enable a collaborative approach to backlog development and “test first” strategies. Click here to RSVP for this free community event!

October Meetup Presenter!

Konstantin Ribel is an experienced Scrum Master with a demonstrated history of working in the automotive industry. Skilled in Organizational Design & Change, Coaching & Training, Large-Scale Scrum, Systems Thinking. Konstantin will lead us in a discussion on potential approaches for implementing a parallel organization as a part of a LeSS Adoption.https://www.meetup.com/Large-Scale-Scrum-LeSS-Twin-Cities/events/281050474/ View Recording andContinue reading “October Meetup Presenter!”

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