Welcome to the Twin Cities LeSS Community


Twin Cities LeSS (Large Scale Scrum) offers agile practitioners (and those curious about learning) an open space where they can co-create a learning community. We are focused on learning ways we can live and work guided by the principles + apply useful techniques that enable iterative product development.

LeSS emphasizes the need to create the conditions for a learning organization to emerge. Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) Twin Cities is a free group that allows us to develop techniques and “muscle memory” that characterize a learning organization by sharing experiments and stories; celebrating successes + failures together. We are especially focused on community learning in the areas of:

– Enabling iterative product development with Scrum
– De-scaling and Organizational Design in service of adaptiveness
– Empirical Process Controls
– System Optimization and Organizational Agility
– Reducing Waste
– Lean and Systems Thinking

The Three Questions …

Some friends and members of the agile community here in Minnesota, Robert Weidner and Josh Spellman recently created a very approachable and well done animation on a set of topics that often come up in our discussions and Lean Coffee sessions on organizational agility in the meetup. This short clip does an outstanding job explaining…

Are you ready for LeSS? 6 questions to discuss with your organization!

This post is based on a lean coffee held on Feb 8th by the Twin Cities LeSS community. Want to join the conversation? Join our slack channel and attend our meetups! Questions to Ask: Our community came up with the following questions to determine if Large Scale Scrum can be used to its fullest potential…

January Meetup Guest – Joe Justice!

We are excited and honored to welcome Joe Justice to speak at the LeSS Twin Cities Meetup on Tuesday, January 11th ! Our event is virtual and free for all to attend. Meetup Link here

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