Next Meetup Scheduled – 1/19/2021!

Happy new year! We are excited to invite you to our first Twin Cities LeSS Meetup of 2021.

Join Raj as he dials in from Dublin, Ireland to share is personal journey of doing a LeSS Implementation and navigating a successful approach.

Raj Kumar Radhakrishnan (Raj) is an experienced Agile Practitioner with over 10 years of experience in the IT industry. He has been practicing Agile and honing his skills over the last 8 years in Agile practices as a trainer, facilitator, consultant & coach in organizations like Cognizant, CGI, Siemens & Ericsson.

– LeSS Implementation
– Q&A
– Lean Coffee
– Topic selection for February

Visit our MeetUp site to learn more and RSVP!

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