The Three Questions …

Some friends and members of the agile community here in Minnesota, Robert Weidner and Josh Spellman recently created a very approachable and well done animation on a set of topics that often come up in our discussions and Lean Coffee sessions on organizational agility in the meetup. This short clip does an outstanding job explainingContinue reading “The Three Questions …”

Are you ready for LeSS? 6 questions to discuss with your organization!

This post is based on a lean coffee held on Feb 8th by the Twin Cities LeSS community. Want to join the conversation? Join our slack channel and attend our meetups! Questions to Ask: Our community came up with the following questions to determine if Large Scale Scrum can be used to its fullest potentialContinue reading “Are you ready for LeSS? 6 questions to discuss with your organization!”

November Meetup Presenter Announced!

Consuelo Merino is a product owner and Agile practitioner from Paraguay. Join us for the November TC LeSS Meetup to learn about her hands-on experiences using the technique of example mapping with development teams to enable a collaborative approach to backlog development and “test first” strategies. Click here to RSVP for this free community event!

October Meetup Presenter!

Konstantin Ribel is an experienced Scrum Master with a demonstrated history of working in the automotive industry. Skilled in Organizational Design & Change, Coaching & Training, Large-Scale Scrum, Systems Thinking. Konstantin will lead us in a discussion on potential approaches for implementing a parallel organization as a part of a LeSS Adoption. View Recording andContinue reading “October Meetup Presenter!”

July Meetup Presenter – Viktor Grgic

View recording here Microservices and teams organization: Why teams should share ownership for microservices and what that means in reality. The probable reason why you would participate in this event is that there is a lot of hype around microservices. A YouTube search will produce a huge amount of talks on microservices.In this talk weContinue reading “July Meetup Presenter – Viktor Grgic”

Next Meetup Scheduled – 1/19/2021!

Happy new year! We are excited to invite you to our first Twin Cities LeSS Meetup of 2021. Join Raj as he dials in from Dublin, Ireland to share is personal journey of doing a LeSS Implementation and navigating a successful approach. Raj Kumar Radhakrishnan (Raj) is an experienced Agile Practitioner with over 10 yearsContinue reading “Next Meetup Scheduled – 1/19/2021!”